Thursday, February 14, 2008

At The Bus Stop

"Did yiu 'ear abaht that gurl dahn ower street.”

“No? Worrabaht her?”

“She's in th' clab."

"Eihh? Wot d'you mean – in th' clab?"

"In the clab. Yu kno-ow – the puddin clab."

"O-Oh! You mean she's gorra ban in the avven. Whoy di’n’t you say? Well Oi never. Fings they get up to these days"

"Y' wouldn't fink it possibul wiv all them rubber pills an' contraventives an' wotnots they 'ave these days".

"Don't you get withdrorl symptums frum them – or sumfink?"

"Dunno. We never had nuffink like that – we used the Rhythumm Method".

"The Rhythumm Method – wossat?"

"Well, er, you just, sort of, do it, sort of – in rhythms an’ waves, like."

"Oh. An' did it wurk?"

"Course it did."

"'ow many did you 'ave?"


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